• Involve your audiences in discussing your strategies, draft reports or consultation papers.

    ‘Commentable’ online documents are a great way to establish two-way dialogue with the people who care about your organisation. But until now, you’ve had to build them yourself, often from scratch, either hosting your own or working around the limitations of your content management system or free tools.

    Read+Comment is purpose-built on modern, open source WordPress technology with all the configuration and plugins set up for you. Sign up, put your content in, and make the site your own.

    • Full WordPress 3.5 functionality including RSS feeds for blog posts and moderated comments, and the ability to manage your own menus and site settings
    • Commentariat, a tailored WordPress 3.5-ready theme for document commenting, pre-installed and ready to go
    • Widget-driven, giving you drag-and-drop control over the homepage without needing to get into HTML or CSS code
    • Customise your site design with the user-friendly options panel giving you control over colours, fonts, background and logo images, as well as flexibility over layout
    • Flexible, professional support to help with any aspect of your site from strategy to CSS, depending on the package you choose
    • Built for social media, with social bookmarking built-in and support for embedded video, documents and widgets
    • A friendly subdomain website address to promote and link to
    • Robust, scalable UK¬†hosting¬†without disrupting your existing infrastructure

    Get in touch for a chat about how Read+Comment could help you publish commentable documents online, without the hassle.